Message from the Chairman

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Welcome to the official website of Huahang Beidou Energy Technology Co. Ltd. 

Beijing Huahang Beidou Energy Technology Co. Ltd is a high technology company with innovation and cooperation as its core values. The global technology revolution and economic globalization bring opportunities as well as challenges. We deeply appreciate the idea that "strategic cooperation and jointly development” is the key to maintain long-term vitality as well as produce more advanced products and professional services for our country and the world. 

The development of Huahang Beidou cannot be achieved without years’ support from leaders at all levels and departments, trust from clients and partners, and embrace of common dream and hard work of all my colleagues in the company! 

Huahang Beidou will continue enhancing company’s brand value with professional spirit and striving to become a world-influential enterprise. 

                                                           Xu Zhi, Chairman of the Board