Terahertz security checkpoints

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In the face of the international complex and severe security situation, the existing security inspection and means can not meet all kinds of new needs, so it is imperative to adopt and promote the new security equipment that can effectively and accurately detect all kinds of hidden contraband. The traditional security check process is time-consuming, inefficient, easy to cause congestion in the security passage, and brings unpleasant experience to people. What's more, from a technical point of view, the current security equipment has a large vulnerability in human security; X-ray machines can only be used for baggage inspection, and are strictly prohibited for human security, because X-ray radiation can cause harm to the human body.

Terahertz imaging security technology is the most ideal technology. This imaging method does not require a person to remove clothing or physically come into contact, and can detect metallic and nonmetallic substances, including liquids, gels, powders, plastics, ceramics, etc. Terahertz detection is an imaging technology with Terahertz as carrier. It uses different properties of absorption, reflection and transmission of different substances in terahertz band to form strong and clear images. Compared with scattered X-ray technology, terahertz wave has very low photon energy, and there is no ionizing radiation harmful to human health. Compared with millimeter-wave technology, terahertz wave energy is closer to the molecular vibration and rotational energy level transition of the material, and contains more information about the interaction with the material, so the imaging effect is more obvious, more kinds of contraband can be detected, and the detection probability is higher. Moreover, Terahertz wavelengths are shorter than millimeter-wave ones, allowing better resolution.

Our company's improved fourth-generation terahertz security scanner has finished the research and development, and will soon be put into the market. The instrument has been tested by the first research institute of the ministry of public security of PRC, and has been approved and ordered by a certain department. This instrument is mobile, portable, lightweight, easy to operate, and the detection sensitivity, signal to noise ratio, spatial resolution and other performance indicators have reached the international advanced level. Long-range body security scanners are expected to be developed by the end of this year. The terahertz security checkpoints developed by our company are characterized by rapid security check, privacy protection and low radiation. It is an example of the transformation of space technology into civil use and they will be widely used in the security check of public places (such as MRT, stations, airports and gymnasiums), micro-explosive areas (for example, coal mine), warehouses, as well as long-distance anti-terrorism detection. This terahertz security technology truly realizes the safety, civilization, efficiency and seamless security, which will lead the future development of technology.