At present, our company has two important patents and is applying for other related patents.

One is the future battery.The new-energy battery has high energy density, long life, strong anti-interference and little environmental influence. This greatly changes the usual cumbersome charging process, safely and reliably. These features are what currently other batteries do not have, and it will change the development of the entire human way of life.

Huahang Beidou’s existing technology can immediately realize the pre-production process research and development of new low-power batteries, which can be quickly put into production to make batteries for pacemakers and mobile phone. Meanwhile, our company has broken through the problem of high-power and new-type battery power generation. At present, it has basically completed the experimental verification stage, and is developing the pre-production process and putting into production.

The other is photovoltaic technology. At present, the highest conversion rate of satellite PV system on the market is less than 60%. The photovoltaic conversion rate of our company’s products can reach more than 97%, which can be applied in satellite, UAV(unmanned aerial vehicle), etc.